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pay towards your secured loan, monthly

Set aside up to $30 per month towards your own Savings Builder Account. Feels doable, right?

Build credit, quickly

With every on-time payment, your credit score increases because we report it to all three bureaus. Your score can go up by 45 points on average in no time!

Access your securd loan after a year

After completing 12 months of payments, get every cent back with zero interest or fees. It’s all yours.

the highest rated credit building app

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Ava is amazing"

Such a great app to build your credit score. I've been doing it for 4 to 6 months nothing but great results and my credit score has gone up 80 points. Easy, just keep making on-time payments which will boost your credit score!! I love this app thank you all so much for this!!


Best app ever"

Best credit app ever boosted my score 56 points in one month. It reports to all 3 credit bureaus super fast. Totally worth it and you build and save at the same time. No interest rates either.

Best cb

This is a must download!

Wow, what an amazing app! My score went up 110 points in one month. I highly recommend.


Score went up 70 points in the first couple weeks”

Highly recommend. My score boosted 70 points already plus it helps my utilization on my credit report. Definitely should use this as a tool or at least to help you understand credit a little better.


Credit Score Rocket”

I increased my score by 132 points in one month alone!

Monica Parish

53 point boost in two months!”

Was a little skeptical at first but after using it the last couple of months my score jumped 53 points! I would highly recommend.


A must have!!!!!!"

This account is amazing! It's perfect for people who don't want to get stuck with credit cards you can use on any occasion. Somehow you end up spending more in interest and getting further behind. I have had this app for only a month and my credit has already gone up 37 points!


Take a chance"

I've tried many but this one by far has worked better for me. Thanks again Ava for making my dreams come true! My credit score has already gone up 40 points. I will definitely refer family and friends.

Stephanie Zuccarello

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